Gary has been a weather fanatic since he was five years old. Growing up in Southern California, he was fascinated by clouds and rain, but always wondered why the weather seemed to be more exciting in other places. After graduating from high school in 1980, he decided to pursue a Bachelors of Science degree in Meteorology and headed off to the University of Oklahoma.

Shortly after receiving his degree, Gary became an intern at the CBS affiliate in Oklahoma City. It was there that he got his first big break when he was hired as Meteorologist of the morning show and midday news program for the number one station in the market.

In 1992, Gary made the move to Kansas City and was quickly accepted by local viewers. After seven years as a meteorologist in the market, Gary became Chief Meteorologist at KC's NBC affiliate, now NBC Action News.

An animal lover, Gary has been known to share air-time with his two well known dogs, Windy and Stormy. He adopted Windy in 1991 when she was a one-year old pup. Asked about Windy's rise to stardom, Gary will be quick to tell you he had no intentions of sharing his air time with a dog, "she was just so talented that she started being invited to schools and other public appearances". In 2000, he couldn't resist adopting Windy's look-alike sister Stormy whom he met while shooting a promo at a local animal shelter.
Gary now has two dogs that accompany him to public appearances.

By far, the biggest challenge in Gary's life was being diagnosed with cancer in 1999. It was a very rare form called extra-skeletal osteogenic sarcoma. Only six adults a year are diagnosed with the same form in the United States. The doctors discovered it was very aggressive and recommended Gary undergo extensive chemotherapy to ensure the cancer was removed from his body. Two surgeries to remove the cancer were performed before chemotherapy treatments could begin. As of October 2002, Gary has been cancer free for three years and couldn’t be healthier.
Our local weatherman has three dogs: Windy, Stormy and Breezy. Stormy and Breezy ran the 1 mile race right next to us. Windy's 17 so she's earned a pass.
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